Saturday, July 23, 2011

David Archuleta - He Shines Like No Other

July 22, 2011 – Ho Chi Minh Concert

What incredible talent and diversity David Archuleta has, he’s #1 in my book.

David’s singing is better than ever. He can take your mind, heart and soul to new heights with flawless melodies and lyrics filled with emotion. His voice is beautiful, and his emotion in a song, well you can’t help but just feel every word.

David is perfection in music. He can sing in just about any genre of music. It’s like listening to an Angel. His power, range, the quality, and the soul are beyond anything describable and with his miraculous pitch and unique tone, he manages incredible vocal feats.

In a world filled with overpowering singers, David stands above the rest. His unique vocals allow him to hit every emotion, and that’s why he is above the rest. His voice is just hypnotic. A voice kissed by God.

He positively has radiating stage presence, charm and charisma. The stage lights flickered while David swayed to the music and the audience jumped and wildly moved with every song. He captivated the audience with his energy and flawless performance and definitely converted any non-fans into followers.

During performing “Touch My Hand”, David tried to reach out to several fans and touch them, but security thought differently by protecting him from energetic teen girls. While he’s flashing his perfect smile at his audience you can tell that he truly loves what’s he’s doing, and that passes on to his excited fans screaming out his name.

David has one more concert in Hanoi on the 24th to end this concert tour and head back to the United States. I have been truly excited for him during this tour as it showed him he has many devoted fans all over the world. He has fans of all ages but definitely fans young enough to grow with him through his long and successful career. He needs them, he wants them and they want him.

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