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Friday, March 27, 2015


It's our last day today! 

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The David Archuleta Music Scholarship

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The David Archuleta Music Scholarship


    Thank You.....David's Fans!                


A great big thank you for all your past support of THE DAVID ARCHULETA MUSIC SCHOLARSHIP for the past 5 years!


“Pay it forward” can inspire youth to realize their true potential to make positive changes in the world.

The pay it forward concept involves doing something good for someone in response to a good deed done for you.  When you pay it forward, however, you don’t repay the person who did something nice for you.  Instead you do something nice for someone else. It should be done with a selfless spirit which means you help another without hoping for repayment.

With this concept in mind, TDAMS is encouraging fans to “pay it forward” helping students at Murray High to pursue their dreams in music.  As fans let’s honor David Archuleta for his spirit and kindness as he has inspired many people to lead their life in meaningful ways.

The David Archuleta Music Scholarship will be awarded to outstanding musically inclined high school students who have demonstrated an achievement of dedication, aptitude, perseverance and of course music.  Won’t you please join together to help gift these students at Murray High with a scholarship?  A small gift can make a difference and change the lives of many.





Friday, February 27, 2015

David Archuleta - RootsTech 2015

I have been traveling since I attended RootsTech 2015 and just returned a couple of days ago and wasn't able to post my thoughts on David's performance until now.  Late, but never forgotten!


RootsTech  2015 was an incredible success, and we know that it was the individual experiences and stories that made it so, as well as many inspiring speakers and performances such as David Archuleta and Studio C at the closing finale.  It was a striking finale to this year’s conference.

Life is about challenges, struggles, inspiration and beauty, and the beauty of David Archuleta’s voice touches us in a place that’s as personal as the place from which his voice was issued.  The ecstasy of surrender he inspires and the response he can arouse once we’ve recovered our senses is astounding.  His vocals keep getting more precise and more powerful.  Without heart, there is not art and David has both.  When he sings he lifts the spirit of his audience, he makes lyrics come alive.

A great singer is somebody who makes you believe what they’re saying, and you always believe David. His new song/video in Spanish “Nunca Pense” filmed in Costa Rica themed Family History to inspire Latino Youth’s to become more involved.

David also did a cover “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake a comedy Lip Sync “Jump” by Van Halen, “Don’t Run Away” and the ever popular “Glorious”. 

Prior to the night’s closing finale a signing was schedule to meet David Archuleta and Studio C and the crowd of fans were lining up three hours before the schedule time.  Many fans were turned away as time was running out as the finale was schedule around 5:15 PM.

Meeting David Archuleta is like spun sugar, you taste it and then it’s gone and you wonder when you’ll experience it again.  Excitement filled the Foyer as David sat and signed autographs and the closer you got to him in line a feeling of awe consumed you. 

A relaxed and confident young man performed that evening and his talent, spirit, and love of faith commanded the stage and won the hearts of all who attended.

Friday, January 16, 2015

RootsTech 2015 - David Archuleta Performs

Don't miss out on a beautiful experience!  Learn about your ancestry and the final night of the three day event you will hear four songs performed by David Archuleta one is a new song written by him  sung in Spanish and Portuguese. (See Below)  

Hope to see many of you in attendance!

RootsTech 2015 Registration

Don’t Miss the Largest Family History Event in the World!

RootsTech Conference registration is still open. Visit the RootsTech website for RootsTech conference details.

Due to overwhelming interest, the Family Discovery Day portion of the RootsTech conference has filled up and we are no longer accepting registrations for this specific event on Saturday for LDS Church members. RootsTech passes are still available starting at just $19 — February 12-14, 2015.

Already Registered for 2015? Click here to login and make changes to your registration.

RootsTech 2015
David Archuleta is teaming up with popular comedy sketch group Studio C from BYUtv to perform at RootsTech 2015. RootsTech is the largest family history conference in the world and will be happening on February 12–14, 2015.
Both talents will be launching original pieces at the RootsTech Closing Event at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah on February 14. David will perform 4 songs, including a new song written by himself that is sung in Spanish and Portuguese. The accompanying music video was filmed in Costa Rica in 2014 and will also have its debut appearance. What’s more, the event will feature a never-before-seen sketch by Studio C. For more information, go to
According to David, his family’s heritage and history helped craft his musical style, and being part of RootsTech gives him a chance to celebrate his family and the influence they have had on his music. “Music was always a part of my life growing up. My mother was also big on dancing and would teach my older sister and me to dance to traditional music,” he recalls.  “I can’t think about celebrating my family without thinking about celebrating music.”
The comedy sketch group Studio C from BYUtv is a household name for people of all ages across the nation. Since its launch in October 2012, its loyal fan base has helped grow the show’s online presence to more than 70 million YouTube views to date.
David Archuleta and Studio C will perform for thousands of attendees at the RootsTech Closing Event on the final day of RootsTech 2015, February 14. To reserve your ticket to see them, visit

Monday, December 1, 2014

Celebration of Christ


On November 28 & 29, 2014 David Archuleta headlined the “Celebration of Christ” an Interfaith Concert at the Capitol Theater in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Producer/Director Vic Deauvono and presented by Foundation 4Life.  Their theme this year was “Believe” to celebrate this Christmas season with respect and honor to all faiths and people. 

It was outstanding, one of the most inspirational joyful, lively, spirited holiday season musical events I’ve attended in years.  A great mix of songs with the incredible David Archuleta who makes you really feels the songs he sings.  It was a very sophisticated and inspired concert, a true testament to the faith and love each performer has for their beliefs. I truly feel blessed to have attended.

What a beautiful way to spend an evening.  This was a performance that glowed from within.  We’ve come to expect great music from David Archuleta and he did not disappoint especially with his first number The First Noel.

David Archuleta’s Glorious with One Voice Children’s Choir, Masa Fukuda director was beautifully sung with passion and Do You Hear What I Hear Rainstorm with Kevin Olusola on Cello was magnificent with David’s vocals and Taryn Elkins on piano, it was a haunting piece of musical art.

David saved his finest vocal on “Silent Night” which was vocal perfection, controlled, powerful and stunning.  He was able to silence the entire venue through the song and it garnered yet another standing ovation.

A favorite moment was “Believe” featuring David Archuleta with David Glen Hutch, Kevin Olusola, One Voice Children’s Choir, Masa Fukuda, director. Also performing was the Calvary Baptist Choir, Pastor France A. David, Salt Lake City Mass Choir, Timothy Drisdom, director.

David ended with “Believe” which showcased his trademark range and vocal prowess.  He gave me goose bumps listening to his version of this beautiful song. He has a voice of an angel.

The night was a sparkling collection of gems…..Choirs, Dancers, Musicians, Vocal soloists, Aerial Artists and diligent dedicated music directors, arrangers and choreographers.

Each song and performance reminded the audience of the true meaning of Christmas and causes you to experience the warm feeling associated with the holidays the birth and life of our Savior Jesus Christ.

It was a Glorious evening!


Monday, September 29, 2014

David Archuleta is Glorious


Music can give us moments of elation, joy, melancholy, good vibrations and above everything a state of equilibrium that allows us to face life with optimism and a sense of confidence.

Glorious sung by David Archuleta and written by Stephanie Maybe from the new movie Meet the Mormons is a motivational song about discovering what your heart has to say and where you belong.

This song is highly inspirational and raises our spirits and pushes us to a new flight for our aims and purpose.  With his vocals David in his element elevated “Glorious” to another level with music born of dreams.  You can hear his true heart of worship in every note he sings.

This song has a beautiful melody.  The lyrics are poetic and there is such a serenity; in the song that you want to repeat it. The orchestration has a nice balance of lush instrumentation and straightforward pop. This song inspires you to fly away and achieve your goals.  It starts rather subdued and then reaches its crescendo.  A song capable of making us better human beings, this song takes your breath away.

Listening to the right kind of music can do wonders for the soul, uplift you and empower you.  There have been many times David Archuleta is able to reach that deep innermost part of our heart and tears will roll down our cheeks for the pure joy and passion in his voice.  David always emphasizes on the key words with emotion.

David can perform any style of music and sing it with a message and purpose, and make it his own.  Words can’t express how happy I am hearing David sing once again.  God is good!