Monday, November 14, 2011

David Archuleta and Holiday Moments on Ice

Much excitement drove me to Phoenix, Arizona to see Disson’s Skating event at the Grand Canyon University Arena on November 12, 2011.

Pandora’s Holiday Moments on Ice showed off the exceptional talents of some of the world’s best figure skaters including Olympic and world figure skating champions.  The quality of skating was excellent and the show was very entertaining. There was a great wealth of talent in the skaters and the choreography.

The music from Manheim Steamroller was perfect for the skaters with performances flowing seamlessly from one to another.  The mixture of beautiful, funny and awe inspiring numbers kept you on the edge of your seat.  The vocals from David Archuleta; well there is something very romantic about a singer with an instrument pouring out his powerful clear passion, sensitivity and eloquence while skaters are gliding and strapping on the blades and taking a spin on a sheet of ice.  There is beauty in gliding along a thin piece of steel over frozen water and admiring their fluidity of movement. 

David Archuleta’s charismatic personality along with his love to entertain makes him genuine.  What truly separate this prince to the thrown from all others are the live shows. For it’s on the stage that David shines the brightest.

He stepped on stage and the magic began.  His voice playing off the skaters making more of the moment and so it happened, the miracle of inspiration was born.  He thrilled the audience and captivated their hearts.

David Performed Patapan, To Be With You, What Child Is This, Silent Night with Chip Davis and a new song by Manheim Steamroller, Above The Northern Lights.  The crowd roared every time he stepped on stage. 

It was a family show that reminiscences of times gone by, appropriate for all ages and genders and the Holiday Season.  Brian Boitano, Michael Weiss, Steven Cousins, Naomi Lange and Peter Tchernyshev, Rachel Flatt, Kimmie Meissner, Yuka Sato, Douglas Razzano, Ekaterina Gordeeva, put on a great show worthy of their talent.

Don’t miss this beautiful Holiday moment when it is aired on November 27th on NBC and again on December 3rd 2011.

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