Wednesday, December 7, 2011

David Archuleta - My Kind of Christmas Tour Review

When you are in the field of creativity you lose track of time.  Only the flow exists, and sometimes absorbed in the present moment.
As a musician David Archuleta decides how the feeling or interpretation will change as the song progresses.  One can see the effects of a spiritual experience.  His performances are ecstatic and as though he is totally immersed in prayer.  He also has made certain decisions about the spirit and feeling he is trying for, but his actual moment to moment performance decisions are spontaneous.  He seems to have the sense of escaping the normal experience of time.
The humility that he envelopes in the grips of such awe-inspiring aspects of creativity reveal his sensitivity to life’s spiritual qualities.  Great performances involve love and love is the essential component of every spiritual experience.  We hear his love for the music in his singing.  He conveys to his audience his feeling of profound respect and love for the music.
Nobody leaves disappointed.  David has a wonderful stage presence, interacts well with his audience and most importantly provides perfect vocals on all songs new and old.  Ah yes, the songs.
He kicks off the evenings with “Sleigh Ride” and if this and “Drummer Boy” are any indication David seems to be moving in a heavier, groove oriented direction which suits him very well.  The new songs were well received by his faithful fans.  Other highlights of the concerts included, “MKOC-Fa  La La La”, and a stirring rendition of “Ave Maria” continues to delight his loyal fans not to mention winning a new generation of fans. 
He is amazing and demonstrates some new dance moves that excite the crowd.  Cheers of recognition are immediate and the show is paced well. He has matured as an artist and is a dynamic performer.
The industry should stand up and take notice of the “new” David.  A great show.


  1. Very well said, Pam I really like what you write about David....I'm going to see him this Saturday in Cedar City and also in SLC. I'm taking my 14 yr. old grand-daughter with me in SLC. We're both excited....I enjoyed your article.

  2. Loved your article about David! David is amazing and I'm so excited that I get to see him in SLC on Dec 19th!!

  3. Pam - David also seems to really internalize whatever song he is singing. He makes me feel like I'm hearing songs for the first time even when I have heard them a million times before. I don't know of many other artists that are so reverent with Christmas songs. He brings himself to tears sometimes because he experiences music so deeply. I enjoyed reading your article.