Friday, September 7, 2012

David Archuleta Retrospective Series Part Seven: Works For Me

Pamela Pike's Recollections

“Works for Me” is a song released on David’s self-titled album through Wal-Mart as a Bonus Track back in November 2008.  This song represents David’s self- image, a time in his life when he felt indecisive and had to deal with certain challenges. He co-wrote this song with Daniel Bedingfield and Toby Lightman.

A call from Daniel Bedingfield to Toby Lightman asking her to come and write with them early one morning back in 2008 started their creative process.

With David barely awake, Daniel downing Chai lattes and Toby with guitar in hand the basics of a song were started but not finished.  A call from Sony a month later requesting them to finish the song required them to fly to Tulsa, Oklahoma, David’s last stop on his American Idol Tour.  And as they say history was made or at least “Works for Me.”

Challenges sometimes create change and with that make life unpredictable. Everything we do is filled with possibilities of change when we least expect it.  It is what we do with those moments that count in the end.  Some of the lyrics in the Bridge say, “There were days when a song could not be found, There were days when my voice would make no sound for me”. 

And in the chorus he wrote, “And I know you’re just trying to help me out Thanks, but I’ll follow my heart instead”. It seems David is still following his heart.

This song illustrates a melody and dynamics that make David shine.  It allows him to experiment with his amazing voice.  Every sound and layer is put exactly where it needs to be.  The up-tempo and easy chorus has you singing along in no time.

He tells a story with his songs and voice and that “Works for Me.”

Rosanne Simunovic's Recollections

As I write this article on "Works For Me", I must confess that this is the first time I actually heard this terrific song. It was Pamela Pike who suggested this song for review in this David Archuleta Retrospective Series.

Well, what took me so long? I love everything about this number - the catchy rhythmic structure, the contagious melody, the luscious harmonies supplied by David and, of course, the seamless and transparent vocal delivery by David on the solo line.

Once again, David highlighted the easy accessibility of his ringing head voice during the repetitious line: "work out just fine".  His voice sounds so liberated, so flexible and he manages to carry this head voice element throughout his range.

As a result, David's voice always sounds clear and centered. David never over sings - he sings tastefully, calling on the emotion to dictate how he will phrase his music. There is nothing contrived in this song - just pure, joyous singing, plain and simple.

The simulation of the finger snapping at the beginning of the song set the mood so perfectly. It not only reinforced the catchiness of the tune itself but also reminded us not to take life so seriously. It's a journey and there will be smooth roads and rocky ones.

Once again, this song is a strong testament to David's positive, yet ever-evolving nature and his ability to trust in something or someone more powerful than himself.

Bravo David!

Rosanne Simunovic

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