Sunday, November 18, 2012

Christmas from a Distance

We have to show our love from a distance but no distance is too far, no time is too long… celebrate our love for David Archuleta.

Never in a million years did I think I’d meet someone so utterly and completely perfect, someone who would make me happier than I ever dreamed I could be, someone that would touch my life so profoundly and just give me a whole new reason to breathe.

My Christmas memories of him are like snowflakes each one beautiful, unique and gone too soon.  His Christmas tours were nights of songs wrapped in a blanket; it warmed all hearts and filled them with melody that would last forever.

The power of his voice is beyond description.  His music never ceases to open my heart.  His songs are a way of caressing people with his voice and I am missing his presence this holiday season.

David’s music is so spiritual that it easily becomes a part of our celebration of the Christmas spirit. Christmas means a joyful time of the year and will always be a time to reflect on Jesus. It means giving happiness to others and allowing happiness to be given to you.

Let’s close our eyes and listen for the bells, imagine the snow falling softly in the glow of the evening and David voice taking us on a journey.  You’ve arrived at a place somewhere between your heart and soul; it is the world of David’s rich musical gifts of Christmas songs.

Sometimes all we need is a little inspiration and motivation in our lives, his music can open your eyes, make you think deeply, energize you, and encourage you to face another day.  It can bring comfort just knowing that he understands where you are and how you feel. With music he is serving others with a loving heart.

His music is echoed in our daily lives as an instrument of God’s love, if you ever want to get anybody in touch with God, have David sing to them.

David is using all his gifts and talent concurrently, to touch and reach out and serve those on his mission, and ultimately work on his personal relationship with the Lord.

His music is enjoyable and real, personal and heart touching and will be a source of encouragement to all who hear him.  David is an extraordinary and gifted musician, but more than that, he is centered, sharing the love of the Lord in all he say and does.

This Holiday Season an Angel will sing, a star, a radiant light will still surround me with all his “ooh’s and aah’s; I will play his music he gave from his heart.

So my message to David this Christmas year is…….Even though we’re miles apart, Christmas Magic is in my heart.  You have to know you’ve given me the gift I most adore, the many memories I have of yore.

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  1. Hi Pam...Thank you for your beautiful thoughts that I am sure are felt by every single fan.
    I remember when I sat down with my husband to listen to his Christmas From the Heart album for the very first time.

    Because we were not able to go to his Christmas concert, I wanted our first listening to not just be in the background, but wanted to listen with no distractions. We sat our quiet house...and pushed the button to begin. It felt as exciting as going to one of his concerts. As we listened to each song, it felt as though I was hearing them all for the very first time. Honestly, David sang each song with so much pure emotion, that I not only heard his beautiful voice, but I felt his beautiful heart. Each song that I have listened to since I was a child took on such a deeper meaning for me. It really made me feel the spirit of Christmas in a much more meaningful way. I was not just hearing words sung by a wonderful singer. I was feeling a stronger connection and understanding of each word, and the story that the songs were telling. I believe that David is not only a singer, but a wonderful story teller and interpreter as well.

    I really do agree with you Pam. Even though David is miles apart from us this Christmas, that gift he left to us....that little piece of his heart...will be felt loudly and clearly. David put that magic in my hear to when he sang these joyous songs to me. Christmas has truly taken on an even more beautiful significance. Our memories of those special concerts, and the love he spread to others the past years at Christmas will not be forgotten.

    We miss him terribly....but know that his gift will be shared with so many more wonderful people this Christmas. That is a beautiful thing. Near or far....David' gift will keep on giving....wherever he goes. That makes me so happy. I hope David continues using his gift from to spread happiness and good will to others around the world.

    Thank you so much Pam for your very heartfelt, touching words of reflection. I love coming to hear what you write, and have always felt 100% the same. You are the voice for so many fans who cannot always verbalize what they feel!!!

    I am sorry this is so long!!! I have never found it easy to talk about David in a few words. :)