Friday, March 1, 2013

David Archuleta Retrospective Series Part Thirteen: My Kind of Perfect

David Archuleta Retrospective Series Part Thirteen: My Kind of Perfect
By Pamela Pike and Rosanne Simunovic

“My Kind of Perfect” is a song from the album “The Other Side of Down” which was released on October 5, 2010 and co-written by David Archuleta. It is a gorgeous ballad about looking at the inside of a person for love and one of the best tracks off his album.

This song just makes you want to smile, a cute bittersweet heart on your sleeve long song.  He has a captivating voice and the piano adds adorableness. David has clear crisp vocals with perfect pitch and he delivers charm and sparks as he reaches every emotional peak.

On January 16, 2011 David performed “My Kind of Perfect” at the Skate for the Heart event with ice skater Joannie Rochette.  It was a dreamy performance with his vocals front and center that showcased his talent and charisma.

He took the spotlight for a gorgeous rendition and he stirred my heart……..his sincere tenderness and depth of emotion was very moving. David sings ballads better than any other male singer around and the moment he opens his mouth he makes you feel like he’s singing his heart out only to you.

In an interview David said, “It’s my perfect love song”, it’s for a future girl who I don’t know yet.  I wrote that song while thinking about who is she going to be? Or have I already met her? 

I hear such beauty when he sings and from a place that lets anyone know the depths of how he feels. David’s impeccable diction gives life and meaning to each word, sensitively enhancing the lyrics. It’s a pleasure to see a singer take such joy in performing.

David often seems to be completely absorbed by the music as he closed his eyes. David accomplished his mission of spreading love and gives his audience a special magic that leaves you holding back tears of deep emotions.  David is enchanting and steals your heart.

Rosanne Simunovic's Recollections

I was so taken with this exquisite performance from David Archuleta, in the company of Olympic Bronze Medalist, Joannie Rochette.

Joannie mirrored David's seamless, soulful voice as she skated with expressive finesse  and innate musicality. It was so lovely to watch, the entire performance being extremely moving.

What I love about David is that he is never afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve. He always sings with genuine passion and liberated expressiveness.

So many artists nowadays do not understand this level of nuanced creativity and, as a result, we are left feeling empty when we hear or see them perform.

However, through his beautifully written composition, David not only highlighted the radiant beauty of his voice but also exposed a very real aspect or longing in his personal life - finding the perfect partner to share his hopes and dreams.

And how his voice soared throughout this number. His head voice was so pure, so focused.  David possesses the capability to add depth to his falsetto range during the stronger dynamic levels and yet magically can soften the sound while still maintaining the ringing purity of his vocal tone. It is pure magic.

I was also very impressed with the control David exhibited throughout this song. There are some wide interval jumps from top to bottom and it is a testament to David's technical skills that he was able to seamlessly catapult his voice throughout the melody line. 

And his phrasing! Oh my word - it was so cohesive.  His musical line always moved in a forward direction, with momentum and passion.

His breathing skills are impeccable. Once cannot ask for better from any singer and David has proven time and again that both technique and artistry can share the stage if properly balanced.

For, in the end, the artistry has to shine during the performance. The technique is there for guidance and support - not to steal the show. The artistry must be front and center and, with David, this has never, ever been a problem. He is a master at what he does - a veritable singing artist.

This was most definitely "my kind of perfect" song, soulful singing at it's very best.

Rosanne Simunovic


  1. Thank you Pam and Roseann for another wonderful review of one of my favorite songs! David never sings without filtering everything through his heart. We are blessed to be able to hear David sing....and see his beautiful heart always on display when he performs.

    Bless you both for all the wonderful words that you always find to describe David the person, and David the performer. A new David dictionary should be written, as our current adjectives are not enough to describe David Archuleta....his music, his heart, and his magic!

    1. We appreciate your wonderful comments! Thank you.

  2. Thanks for another brilliant and spot-on review of my favorite artist!

  3. Thank you both for the reviews of MKOP. I loved the Skate performance. It's fun to see your comments and helps me realize why I loved it so much.
    Love all these blogs. Thank you so much.

    1. So Happy you enjoy our words! Thanks for checking out our blogs.

  4. Hey everyone......thanks so much for all your comments. It's good to see David's fans enjoying what we say about his artistry and who fills our hearts with music.

  5. Beautifuly and wonderfuly said by both of you. This is truly one of my favorite songs.

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