Friday, April 12, 2013

The Sounds of David Luncheon and Fan Mixer

If you missed The Sounds of David Luncheon and Fan Mixer on Saturday April 6, 2013 it was an amazing event experienced with many great performers.  Michael Orland and Dorian Holley took to the stage with “Man in the Mirror” and “My Funny Valentine” and Sunny Hilden our MC gave us “Dream Sky High.”

Newport Platinum Dance Academy provided us with three dancers, Stefani, Sarah and Nicole performing to David’s “Zero Gravity” and Aaron from TJ project with a little help from the audience played “Crush” on his Guitar. Mariner’s Elementary School Choir added their talents by singing “Nandito Ako” and their exuberant rendition of “Elevator”, was adorable. Our special guest speaker LDS President Brad Bowen gave us some insight on the sacrifices missionaries, including David make to serve on a two year mission. Videos from Dean Kaelin and Rosanne (MasterClass Lady) were highlights to the afternoon.

 Added to the excitement Kari Sellars dropped by with guest Jon Hunt who co-wrote “Broken” with David.  She mentioned through some tears how David will be back better than ever in 2014. 

But the shining stars were the children being sponsored from ChildFund International and those hospitalized at CMN Hospital (CHOC in Orange).  Guests sponsored many children and “Archubears” for a minimum donation were adopted and named by guests for those kids at CHOC Hospital.  I applaud the volunteers who took time out of their daily lives to man the charity tables.  Christine with Marilyn from ChildFund, and Maggie and Deborah from CMN Hospitals thank you for joining us.

 I received great feedback from Kate Nare Marketing Specialist from ChildFund Int. “Hi Pam, I heard from our volunteers that the David Archuleta event went very well. They sent me photos of the ChildFund table and it looked great.”

From Maggie Irias,  Development Coordinator - CMN Hospital (CHOC). “Hi Pamela, Thanks so much for having us, I truly had a blast and learned so much more on David’s sounds.  The Archubears were a hit! Choc is very grateful for all your efforts and once again, thank you – thank you!”

As the afternoon unfurled it was apparent everyone was having a good time and I was grateful for the opportunity to support David Archuleta and shadow a little of his big heart and give back to those in need. 

There is also a group of young teenagers who spent hours decorating, setting up and show casing the live auction items Carissa, Taylor, Savannah, Tatum and Jen.  The Sounds of David Committee and I thank them for their hard work and their efforts to focus on the charities and honor David Archuleta and his music.  David will need young fans like these when he returns to music in 2014. 

Various others need our Thanks such as Peter Rodriguez our DJ, Saul Dahli our sound engineer, Andre with Los Angeles Film Institute and many vendors and donors who contributed items for auction.  Also I wish to Thank Kelly Herbst our Marriott planner for all her hard work and patience.  

My job would not be finished if I didn’t Thank a group of women who donated personal time from family, work and free time to fulfill a vision.  They timelessly mulled over outlines, drafts, suggestions, pictures, ideas, dates, constant changes, long meetings, texting, phone calls and the 3:00 AM emails.  They are part of the heart that beats within me, special women who love and promote David’s music and honor David the man.  Thank you Cass, Julie, Lily and Madison for all your support and hard work and know you will forever be in my heart!  


  1. What an amazing event! I was not able to be there, but would have if I could have. was wonderful to hear about all the tributes paid to Kari and the great guests who shared their time and talents. It must have been fun meeting the co-writer of one of my very favorite songs..."BROKEN"!

    Pam, Lily, Julie, Cass and Madison deserve alot of Kudos for all the time and effort that went into the planning and preparation. I know it was all done with much love. I am sure some wonderful memories were made by so many of David's fans.

    Thank you for the great recap! No Matter How Far....we could feel the excitment of all the fans.

  2. I was one of the fortunate fans who was able to go and enjoy this fantastic day! Many thanks to you Pam and the SOD committee who worked so hard to make this day truly special for everyone who was a blast! There were many moments that pulled at my heart strings for sure. !So much fun to reminisce with concert buddies, as well as to finally meet Twitter friends and other fans who traveled long distances to be there. One more year to go! #DA2014