Thursday, September 24, 2015

David Archuleta - Back in Concert 2015


“He takes you out of your head and puts you into his heart.”

Recently making a comeback to pop music after his two year mission in Chile is David Archuleta a gifted singer who has been significantly missed.   Fans waited restlessly for almost four years to hear him perform, and in his own words has started a warm up concert tour. 
Many couldn’t help but wonder if a successful comeback was even possible, but after listening to his first four concerts it is apparent he hasn’t missed a beat, delivering as he only can, heartfelt music, even with a bout of flu which consisted of a cancellation half way through his second night in Utah.
David stepping into the spotlight once again is a reminder of a few artists that have taken time off, only to return to form or in some cases even better than they were before they left.  And in David’s case I believe he is better than he has ever been.   His tone is deeper, richer and more resonant than ever before and that pulls you in as a listener.

 David creates his own original interpretation of a song and creates an emotional response.  Passion and conviction is one of his most important achievements.  His songs are a portal for his personal style and individuality. 
David never takes himself out of the moment of his song or his audience.  A lot of singers are great musicians but they think they are the gift.  David knows, it not about him, it’s about what you do with the gift.  He gives joys to people, and that is his and our rewards.

David new album soon to be released will probably include a new co-written song “Numb” a song that is a personal introspective of his feelings today.
David’s upcoming new album has been long awaited and hopefully will give us an insight to his future direction in music and goals.

Success doesn’t happen in a single moment, the journey between inspiration and greatness is filled with a thousand small steps.  With these concerts in Idaho and Utah David has started the process of a great renewed career.
Look at David’s upcoming performance schedule on so you don’t miss a concert.


  1. Beautiful, Pam:) I am so keeping my fingers crossed for a Christmas concert I can make.