Monday, December 14, 2015

David Archuleta - DAC the Halls Christmas Concerts

You don’t have to look far to find good music just head to a David Archuleta concert that is if you can get tickets.

Just ask the Davis Arts Council at the annual “DAC the Hall’s Concert”, who sold out their December 12th matinee and evening performance in 45 minutes.

Oh what a rush that had to be but really this is no surprise to those of us who have followed David since his Idol days.  The minute you hear about any appearances your finger does the clicking on tickets, hotel reservations, flights, rental cars, shuttles and map quest road trip information.

I feel we are more efficient than the federal mail couriers, through rain, snow, sleet, storms and sold out tickets we still find a way to one of his events, and always loaded down with gifts, letters, packages and the occasional edible treats.  David has to be the most well fed and dressed artist to date.

His two year mission absence from the entertainment scene gave him the opportunity to find himself but as he has quoted “to lose himself” and focus on what was necessary for him to continue life’s journey.   He is always in the process of becoming, improving, changing and learning.

Many are inspired by him so it’s not unique to be a big fan.  But when the uniqueness sets in is in the heart, he can hold a very high place in your heart, soul and mind.  It’s a very personal thing to like him it’s a bit unfair, all of us focusing on him so much, so I cast my love lightly.

His voice is glowing along with his career, a most wonderful imaginable voice full of emotion.  Every song comes with meaning his angelic voice defines powerful. His voice is mesmerizing it’s a wonderful experience hearing him sing.

Yuletide anthems always seem to find a place in David’s  concerts and White Christmas was no exception, the number one selling song of all times, written by Irving Berlin.  It has been covered by everyone and while it is hard to live up to the inimitable Bing Crosby, David’s rendition captured a youthful, jazzy and beautiful sentiment of the song  And in doing so fully realizes the combination of joy and memory that makes Christmas what it is…….a celebration.

He gave an exquisitely polished powerful performance, he is an endangered species his voice has such engaging textures you believe every word he sings.  His voice should come with a warning.  Music is a beautiful thing, it allows you to get lost in other worlds and David took us away and we are not coming back.

David is like a bit of stardust fallen from the hand of God, love is what you give and his art of giving love is what showed with his audiences. These concerts were a rare example of paying a small amount for a million dollar show. 


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