Friday, March 12, 2010

David Archuleta - Season 9 "Idols" In His Shadow

Last night watching American Idol I realized that David Archuleta has totally spoiled me for any other singers. Whether they are seasoned by years of experience in the music industry or new talent being exposed on national TV such as the “American Idol” contestants, he has spoiled me!!

Critiquing young talent is difficult especially when you really want to encourage them to be better than even their expectations may be for themselves. Having said that, Season 9 has been a disaster from the start and it just keeps getting more difficult to watch it go into the bucket. These young singers deserve respect and experienced judges that are professional, sincere, and can give expert advice on career moves. Sing the original song like it was written, no change it to match your personality, no that song is too old, no that song was a bad choice you need to make it your own. Well after listening to that constant verbal garbage after a few weeks no wonder they are not up to the judges’ standards.

I love MasterClass Lady’s comment from her blog: Somehow, this season seems very ambiguous – I can’t for the life of me get a sense of the direction that Idol is taking this season. It’s a big, gooey mess – everyone is beginning to sound the same and all the guitars are really starting to wear thin.

I agree totally, a gooey mess -and many times I wish I could have autotuned my TV as so many of the contestants were just not good. Yes! The guitars are really wearing thin. What happened to just singing? This just proves a point I made several months ago in an articule I wrote about autotuning. Many singers today use lights, makeup, loud music, hair and instruments to cover the fact they can’t sing. That’s also where autotuning comes in to play. David Archuleta by the way has mentioned he does not like autotuning. He always sound so great live as well as on his albums, obviously, he doesn’t need it.

There have been many comments about Season 9 good and bad and I really don’t have a favorite at all, so to me they pretty much sound the same. I was surprised that one contestant was left on the show and one was voted off as I felt it should be the other way around but no one stands out. Season 7 was an exceptional group of young singers with David Archuleta and now many, many non-fans are coming out and admiting he did set the benchmark high and still does!

American Idol will never be the same since Season 7, but I do wish all the Top 12 the best of luck and hope their dreams do come true. America will be watching

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