Monday, May 24, 2010

David Archuleta #8 - Forbes - The Year's Top Earning Idols -

Top 10 Idol Earners

1. Kelly Clarkson
2. Carrie Underwood
3. Chris Daughtry
4. Kelli Pickler
5. David Cook
6. Jennifer Hudson
7. Jordin Sparks
8. David Archuleta
9. Clay Aiken
10. Kris Allen

Dropping off the list was Taylor Hicks, who netted a mere $300,000 last year. New on the list this year was Kris Allen, who made $672,000.

David made MORE this year than last year (1.4 million compared to 1.3 million). Behold the power of the concert tour and a Christmas album.

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