Tuesday, May 4, 2010

David Archuleta - Twelve Possible Songs Titles For Album!

Waiting on David Archuleta's new album is difficult and hoping for news when his single will be announced is more painful than David's extraction of his widsom teeth!  So to ease the time waiting, I thought it would be fun to explore possible song titles on his forthcoming single and album!

What is David feeling?  Will he give us that song that hopes for true love? What will they be? His personality is very diverse and down to earth with depth of soul.  Can he be true to himself and still reveal his inner most feelings?

Make what you may from these song titles, it just for fun!!

1.   Clouds of Hope
2.   Little Angel
3.   I Need Somebody
4.   Promise Me
5.   Feeling Good
6.   Empty Heart
7.   When You're Near
8.   Echos
9.   Bring Back My Heart
10. Tomorrow Came Fast
11.  Today
12.  Time Will Tell

 These titles could mean anythng, hope, faith, love, despair, gratitude, hungar or satisfaction and could be balads, midtempo or upbeat fast dance numbers.  I am sure whatever he writes we will love each and everyone.  We are just waiting for tomorrow!!

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