Thursday, January 26, 2012

David Archuleta Stirs Our Heart

David Archuleta has stirred interest from many fans near and far with his recent primetime TV Series in the Philippines, “Nandito Ako”.  It doesn’t seem to matter what he does or where he goes his fans will always follow him. And why is that, why do we adore him as we do?

Many people have given their best efforts to explain this and we still ask the question.  What is it about David that keeps us coming back and following his every move? He is addictive!  What did we do with our time before David?

The first thing I remember was not using a computer? I thought a cursor was somebody who shouted four letter words! And a browser was someone who wasn’t serious about shopping.  You tube? I won’t even go there.  Needless to say, Twitter and Facebook, and Text Messages are mainstream words in my vocabulary and my cell phone is my best friend now.  Oh yes, about cell phones I must have gone through several until I found the one that is the most user friendly for David’s ringtones. 

He rescued us from our hum drum monotonous family duties! Cooking dinner every night, family and friends have generously supplied many of their favorite takeout menus. Google has supplied several good housecleaning agencies that come in pairs and my office has been accommodating and shortened their workweek.

Following David Archuleta stirs us; he has a way of seeing the world that is slightly different to everyone else’s.  We can feel his gentleness and compassion, we are warmed by his humility, we’ve laughed, smiled, choked with emotion and we sing his praises, and my eyes have been teary thinking about him. 

He’s such a unique character and his honesty and untainted heart is loved by everyone around him. He has impeccable manners and is notably cordial and courteous in his dealings with others.  He is serious about his career, always honing his talent and accepting new challenges. 

He changed my life and gave me hope for tomorrow and this is why I love him.  He believes in himself and strives for perfection.  He doesn’t over promote himself. He loves watching cartoons.

He does more than just sing he creates emotion.  His vocals make you melt.  He believes in what he’s singing and he puts his heart and soul into the lyrics, he feels every word he sings.  God sent us his favorite singing Angel.

David’s music can suit whatever mood you happen to be in.  His beauty shines through.  The beauty he has within shines right through his heart. He is creating sound out of his body using his mind and heart to bring the song to life.

The beauty of David’s voice touches us in a place that’s as personal as the place from which it was issued.

From the song “Apologize” the following lyrics express my feelings about David Archuleta and possibly yours too.

“And I need you like a heart needs a beat, but’s it’s nothing new, yeah yeah.”

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