Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Acts of Grace

Positive people can have an effect on the lives of others.  Role models are often leaders with an optimistic approach towards life.

Humility is one of the characteristics of a role model. Humility in a person is extremely important as it shows the ability to be humble despite great achievements in life. A perfect role model is David Archuleta, who respects others no matter of their social status, and shows impeccable manners and kindness towards all people.

Commitment to a good cause is so very important in our lives, and David has not only gone ahead in life but has helped others to improve their condition of life as well. He is a complete inspiration for others in terms of his work towards society. He is a positive minded person with enthusiasm, integrity and strong values.

Role models are the people who come into our lives in a personal manner and enrich our experience.  David represents “acts of grace”.  He is interested in spiritual and psychological growth.  He elevates us rather than diminishes people.

In the early part of 2011, David had a transitional period of pause in life, or was it just reorganization?  I read once that when we are paused in our life, it’s because God is busy working out the details.

Plans for his mission determined events and the commitment to his My Kind of Christmas Tour became his Thank You and his Goodbye to fans.  He reached out to us in love and gave the performances of his career.  Sadness hovers over some fans as he announced his departure for two years.  But David is making special arrangements to fill that void.

The commitment to a primetime miniseries “Nandito Ako” filmed in the Philippines will provide us with a lasting image and a new song in our hearts. In many recent interviews he reveals his love and concern for fans by announcing there will be releases of music singles while he is on his mission.

Change is inevitable in the circle of life. David doesn’t question when it comes to change he just sees change as the next step.  He stretches his new wings and flies away to discover his new vistas.  If we want him to be happy we need to be the wind under his wings and fly with him.

Watching his interviews, tweets and performances I reaffirmed he is and has always been our American Idol.  He has been kind, considerate, and supportive.  His music relates to every age and gender, and his single “Crush” will forever remind us of our youth.

Another song that shares a special place in our hearts is “Heaven” which he performed recently at Avalon at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.  It’s a live acoustical version and is magnificent.  As he sings notice the background, it look like a neon AI sign behind him. They perfectly placed David on stage as he exemplifies the best of an American Idol, a role model for young and old to admire.

Watch and enjoy David’s acoustical version of Heaven!

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