Friday, July 6, 2012

David Archuleta Retrospective Series Part Five: When You Say You Love Me

By Pamela Pike and Rosanne Simunovic

Pamela Pike’s Recollections

The American Idol Tour in the summer of 2008 visited 49 cities, performed 53 concerts and sold 482,870 tickets.
The screaming started with the first announcement of his name and continued throughout his four song set.  Poised and polished he dominated the stage with his power ballad, “When You Say You Love Me.”

Words by Robin Scoffield and Music by Mark Hammond it has been one of my favorite love songs for quite a while.

David’s assured confidence on stage was incredible to watch, from Glendale, Arizona to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He is the consummate professional and gives us – something from his heart – his music soul!
When David Archuleta sings not only does he bring intensity into his songs but motion and poetry as well.  I feel I am flying with him in song as he takes you to a place only he knows and when finished gently bring you back.  David performing on stage is poetry in motion.

He provided a romantic listening experience with waves of enchantment that held his audience captive. The way his angelic voice awakens your soul is phenomenal. The passionate lyrics leave you breathless and the way David captures all the emotions sweeps you in a world of musical ecstasy.
The exquisite timeless beauty of his voice can stun you into silence. How can we possibly put into words the way in which he makes us feel when he sings? There is something about his voice that opens our hearts and transports us to another place.

David’s effortless vocal talent captures the mood for love in perfect style with feeling, and incredible passion.  He cast a spell on his audiences with his beautiful voice and his graciousness. 
His performance on July 17, 2008 in Salt Lake City, Utah will be the most memorable performance for all time.  Screaming emotions poured out like a stream from his hometown crowd in overwhelming love and admiration.

Watching David wipe the tears from his eyes before he could finish his song was such a wonderful beautiful moment for David and his fans.  I still cry every time I watch it.
Then, so quickly it was over! You stood there looking at the person next to you in awe and asked what just happened.  Did we just experience the most amazing performance ever?  Yes we did!

David carefully caressed and swept us away on an Angel’s flight and brought us gently back in his pocket.  Singing is telling a story, and David’s story is all about Love.

 Rosanne Simunovic's Recollections

When I first heard David's performance of "When You Say You Love Me", my first impression was this: "If ever there was a perfect vehicle for this song, it is through David's passionate and heartfelt vocal delivery".

For, with David, this was more than just a beautiful song. It was a personal and loving message to his fans, his family members, friends and, of course, to the Lord above for giving him a musical gift that would continue to move and inspire listeners of all ages.

Although originally recorded by the talented Josh GrobanDavid's version is more personal, more meaningful and, certainly very genuine and transparently expressive. We gain a glimpse into David's loving soul - the depth and beauty of its essence.

I was fortunate to hear a live performance of this song at the Toronto stop during the American Idol Season Seven Tour. I would be lying if I didn't admit that I was waiting all night to hear this beautiful song live and in color. Would it be as good? Would I be as moved after hearing it endless number of times via YouTube?

The answer: You betcha! It was all that and more. To see his face and hear the words and melody pour from his mouth was an experience I will never, ever forget. He had the audience in the palm of his hand - but in a way that was meaningful and authentic.

He was delivering a message in the best way he knew how - through his expressive vocal ability and unassuming yet powerful charisma.

I devoted three separate blog topics about his Toronto performance. Here are some of my thoughts after this live experience:

"“When You Say You Love Me” and “Angels” signified the undying affection he has for his family –first and foremost – followed by his friends and fans. And, we cannot forget his phenomenal musical influences – his parents, Jeff and Lupe, as well as his voice coach Dean and music arranger, Richard.

All four songs were absolutely phenomenal. His heart is truly centered and in the right place when he performs. Just listening to his voice is a powerful testament to what stellar work ethics and sublime talent can achieve.

One vocal cord and, yet, the clarity and purity of his voice could be heard above and beyond the screaming. The articulation of his diction was crystal clear and well-defined and, yet, so expressive and heartfelt."

I then added:

"And when he completed his truly inspiring performance of “When You Say You Love Me”, my two daughters wiped tears from their eyes, as did I! That was the best thank you I have ever received! How about you? Does it get more endearing than this? Un.Be.Lie.Va.Ble!

What a gift this young man has – what a prodigious and phenomenal talent. I will support this young man to the end of my days. Talent like this is very rare in one’s lifetime and should be endlessly celebrated and championed."

My words held meaning then and are more significant and steadfast to this day. His talent is just too special to ignore and, with time, will be embraced at an international level.

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