Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Why We Love David Archuleta

Why We Love David….

In recent weeks this question has resurfaced and there are subjectively as many answers as there are fans of David Archuleta.

Love is a feeling an emotion that we experience in association with people in many situations and relationships.  It’s found in the passion for the things you do in life.  Love happens when you embrace the wonderful awesomeness of life, as you acknowledge how incredible this world really is.  Love is at its most giving when it is altruistic and shown to a stranger.

To love truly is not only having a capacity to give love, but also to gracefully open your heart to receive love.  Love blossoms with attention and shows through the things we do and say to other people each day.  Love encompasses compassion, tolerance, endurance, support, faith, determination and more.

David shows others, consideration, respect and thoughtfulness of their needs. He shows intention in inspiring other people’s life, allowing them to be themselves and accepting them as they are.

His big heart, he appreciates the positive contributions that other people make.  He goes out of his way to appreciate the good qualities of others, that’s why so many people warm to his generous spirit.  He doesn’t pretend to be someone he is not and he doesn’t magnify an ego, he has a natural humility.  He follow his ideals quietly, lives by them, he leads by example.

He remembers people names and important facts about them or things they care about.  With a big smile with everyone he meets he gives his full attention to people he converses with as if nothing else is important.

By sharing love around, he creates a loving environment and inspires other to do the same thing.  In giving the best of who he is to others he transcends selfless motives and introspection and truly seeks to appreciate others.

Beauty is about personality and depth of character.  It’s about what is hidden deep in the soul.  David shows up in the world as a bright light and he sees the world and appreciates it, by listening with his eyes and ears, and the sounds around him. 

David is made up of various elements some physical and some spiritual.  The love and feelings we have for David can be identified as a feeling that provides an experience that is perceptual and dedicated.  Our dedication is the result of the derived pleasure and affirmation that result from our contact.  David Archuleta matches all the criteria of the higher qualities of personality we want in people.

David is like a snowflake unique in nature and always changing.


  1. Beautiful article Pam!! Thank You!

  2. Pam....This was just beautiful! I look forward to your articles so much as they always give me reason to pause, reflect, and feel. David is the most loving and unique young man I have ever met! He is an ambassador for humanity! Thank you Pam for always taking the time to write about our favorite person!! It always takes me to a happy place!!

  3. Heidijoy and Anonymous - Thank you both, I am so happy you enjoyed my article. David is very special and we are fortunate to have him in our lives.