Wednesday, August 8, 2012

David Archuleta's "BEGIN"

David Archuleta continues to be one of the most dynamic and versatile recording artist today.  His brilliant new album offers a mix of rearranged favorite covers as well as a new song musically penned by David himself. He has given us some mighty impressive stuff here
Each time I play this album I enjoy it even more. I’m writing in a state of bliss after listening to these songs. He’s really so good, isn’t he? 

His “Be Still My Soul” comes deep from the depths of his spirituality, his voice shines and soars and drives straight to the center of your heart. He sings with a conviction of his place in heaven, and perhaps his place in singing history.  The emotions David’s arouses and masters with this song establish his connection to his music and his faith.

His voice is indescribable exciting, and forever a wonder to behold.  Does it get any better than this….I think not.  David’s vocals are exquisite and his renditions capture the intensity while keeping the integrity of the originals.

“Bridge Over Troubled Water” is a favorite of mine and has always been associated with hard times and great emotional beauty.  David’s strikingly pure vocals put to shame every other singer attempting this song.  His fabulous version has depth, power and great sincerity. His voice soars and then pulls you back for the next flight of genius and after he is finished you are exhausted emotionally and in awe of his powerful performance.

With “Angel” he gives the song great respect.  This song is able to be interpreted by so many people in so many different ways.  It can mean that some people are somewhere that they don’t want to be in and don’t want to stay in.  It’s also about choices and the power of Angels. The quiet softness David adds to this song leaves you breathless.

“Broken” masterfully illustrates his musical gift writing.  I recall several months back him sitting at a piano playing with those ivory keys and saying he was just trying something out.  What a beautiful intense and hopeful song.

This next song “Everybody Hurts” just blew me away.  David’s vocal delicacy and tenderness conveys the theme of this song, that we are not alone.  He is amazing and evokes so much emotion, this is really great music. 
“True Colors” is true love, “Beautiful” is beautiful, “Pride” and “Don’t Give Up” succeeds in showing us the heart of David Archuleta, and “Somewhere Only We Know” busted out at the seams and revealed David as an outstanding great songster.

I challenge anyone who says David Archuleta can’t articulate his feelings.  He has emerged as a young man, an artist with purpose and a mission of determination and hope. 

Begin brought David an avalanche of publicity less than a month before its release.  Fans are enraptured by his new album.

David continues to demonstrate that he’s among the truest, brightest talent to come on the scene in quite a while.  He seamlessly flows between pop, R&B, and now inspirational without ever breaking a sweat and has given us an excellent selection of strong and passionate vocals.

Begin is an album that can be enjoyed and appreciated by listeners of all ages. This is good music, no this is great music.  Soak every bit of it up, remember it, enjoy it and share these great songs with many.

Thank you David for your beautiful music.

Always know David we feel your heart………….and always know you hold our hearts forever.


  1. Oh Pam....I have been waiting for your blog with anticipation. You always are able to express so easily and beautifully what fans are truly feeling. David is the greatest singer I have heard in my life....and I have alot of life behind me. David is blessed with a gift that he shares so effortlessly. We have been blessed to experience his magnificence! Thank you for your beautiful expressions of his heart and talent. David is dearly loved and missed ....but the gift he left us with will keep him close in our hearts. His heart is clearly felt throughout this brilliant masterpiece....BEGIN.

  2. Thanks Pam for your beautiful review of BEGIN.

    I've been mostly Speechless. The first thing out of my mouth was David "You are the Gift"

  3. Great review Pam! I'm enjoying this album so much...he really oudid himself this time! And Kurt Bestor's arrangements are the icing on the cake. What a wonderful gift for all of us!

  4. Outstanding review for BEGIN. Everytime I listen to the songs I hear something new and exciting. David's voice is amazing.

  5. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments! BEGIN is just the beginning for David and his fans!

  6. Thank you Pam for this wonderful review of such an epic album! The fact that David worked extremely hard, and sacrificed his last few weeks before leaving on his mission to record such a gift for all of us touches my heart more than words can say! I love his to death! I had to go back and listen to Clay Aiken's version of BOTW, and I have to say, as wonderfully as he sang it, David's is on another level. David puts so much heart and emotion into this song, which I find missing in Clay's.