Friday, March 2, 2012

"There Will Never Be A Day When I Won't Think of You"

A Retrospective Series

By Pamela Pike and Rosanne Simunovic

There’s nothing that compares when 16 year old David Archuleta arrived in San Diego, California in 2007 to audition for American Idol. He came with immense talent and excitement to find his dream, an artist working through the heart.

David appeared as a singer who kept reaching beyond his every achievement, concerned not with winning, but to see how far one could go. What he could not have known at the time was that he was to show America how to see itself as it never had before.

David is special in many ways, and has brought so many people together in faith.  His talent has brought him to the forefront of the world and his faith has kept him on target with all the responsibility that it brings.

As David leaves on his mission one of faith and service for the next two years, we will be providing a Retrospective for his fans consisting of David’s recordings and performances from American Idol to the present.  It will be a history of a young artist’s impact on the fans who love him.

This is music clearly for keeps, and its essential vitality needs to be passed on and not forgotten.  These are not just great performances but an entire process of work that deserves repeated listening.

While we wait for his journey to complete we can take our journey, one of patience, love, understanding and remembering why the last four years took a piece of our heart.

It is with great respect and my honor to have Rosanne Simunovic join me on this two year journey of love.

I feel fortunate and privileged indeed to have been invited by Pamela Pike to be part of this exciting David Archuleta journey. When collaborating with Pamela on this Retrospective Series, the first song that came to mind was "Think Of Me" from "Phantom Of The Opera".

Arranged by the very talented Richard Parkinson and performed by David during American Idol Season 7, the lyrics seemed a perfect launch pad for David's two-year Mormon Mission.

For even though he will be fully embracing this religious calling, we know that his thoughts of family, friends and fans will never be far from his mind and heart.

Therefore, we feel it is important that David knows and understands that he will never be far from our thoughts and our hearts as well. His talent is unique, a God-given gift and one that always deserves our utmost devotion and praise.

We know how much he adores and appreciate his fans, for this is what keeps him grounded and motivated to strive for the very best.

"Think Of Me" is more than just an exquisite arrangement. It is a testament to the kind of music that attracts David and, ultimately, defines who he is as an artist.

David performs songs that speak to him on a very personal level, which is why he has chosen to create his own journey toward international success as a music artist.

David's innate ability to create a current sound for this theatrically-based song was truly inspired. I don't think I have ever heard a more expressive delivery of this song. It was so genuine and heartfelt, a soulful take on this classical musical theatre song.

It was ready for air play four years ago and still is to this day. Imagine a musical theatre song hitting the Billboard Charts? What a rare achievement this would be.

So, by featuring it once again in this Retrospective Series, it may fall on influential ears and receive the recognition it truly deserves.

But, more important, it will encourage us to hold fast to our musical memories of David during his two-year musical hiatus and gently, but firmly, further tighten the bond between singer and listener.

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