Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Star Light, Star Bright

Star Light, Star Bright

"....first star I see tonight.....wish I may, wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight."

Set your sights on a bright star, take a deep breath, and make a wish!  A constellation you say?  No David Archuleta!

                                 Starlight, Starbright
                                     by Rebekah E. F.

                                   Starlight, starbright,
                                   First star I see tonight
                                   I wish I may, I wish I might
                                   Have this wish I wish tonight.

                                   Oh star up there, I know you
                                   hear me,
                                   Way down here on earth.
                                   Listen to my cry, oh, please,
                                   I'm wishing for all I'm worth.
                                   Tell the one I care about,
                                    (For this wish is for him)
                                   That I will always love him,
                                    Star of mine, please don't go

                                    Starlight, Starbright,
                                    So far away
                                    Give him eternal sight,
                                    And always light his way!
                                    Starlight, Starbright,
                                    When I see you tonight,
                                     I know my wish I made out of
                                    Will be answered of him

I wish he wasn't leaving, I wish I could see him one more time, I wish I had gone to more concerts, I wish it were 2014, I wish I were younger so I would have more years to follow his career, I wish, I wish, I wish.

I wish him the best!

Do these wishes appear in your thoughts?  The days are dwindling down to reality and in just a few David Archuleta will be entering Mission Training School and then off to a foreign country.

The last two years he's been thinking about it pretty hard, actually planning since he was twelve.  A mission is an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and something he can't just let by.  It's a life choice, and let's applaud him for putting others ahead of himself.  When he comes back, he will be even better because of it.

David actually wants more in his life than just being famous but he seems committed to returning to us and continuing his music.  In a recent interview David said, "Two more years, I know it will be new experiences I'll gain, new things I'll learn and I can't wait to share with all of you guys."

David has grown as an artist but has retained the same musical core he began with, something that is uniquely his.  And, while he has remained the same in many ways since beginning his journey, I suspect David will expect a certain amount of change to come as he matures along with his mission.

In an industry where you can be here today and gone tomorrow David has maintained being humble.  His understading of the industry has grown and the hardship of the industry has not taken a hold of him and hasn't broken him down like it has done to many.  If anything he seems stronger and unscathed by the struggles of getting his music to his fans.

David promised that as long as he can make music, he will.  By releasing Forevermore and his pending US music, he is showing his core fans and especially the new ones that he is making music and doing it his own way for his fan-base.

His love for his fans is abundant as he spends his last few days not only with family and friends but making music to assure his fans that when he leaves there will will be something to fill the void while he's on his mission.

When you love someone your heart is open and all that loves just pours out.....I am wishing we had more weeks, more hours, and I find myself counting the seconds and wishing they would never end but they will.

Wishes aren't granted from a Genie in a bottle but if they were my three wishes for David would be.....

I wish your dreams filled with magic

I wish you love that never ends

I wish you walk with God every day

So as the Sun caresses the morning and awakens a new day, the sounds of your music will echo in our hearts, and as the Moon winks at us before we slbumber we'll remember to dream about you, and wish you were here.



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