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David Archuleta Retrospective Series Part Twenty Five: "Nature Boy"

By Pamela Pike and Rosanne Simunovic

Pamela Pike’s Recollections

Most people know the song “Nature boy” either from Nat King Cole’s major hit a pop and jazz standard or from the movie “Moulin Rouge’.  It was written by Eden Ahbez, published in 1947, and first to be heard in 1948 in Joseph Losey’s “The boy with green hair’, starring Dean Stockwell.  The song tells a fantasy of a “strange enchanted boy who wandered very far” only to learn that “the greatest thing……was just to love and be loved in return”.

This song haunts the listener and gently massages our soul.  The genius in this song is the simplicity which David does best as he sings it so gentle and yet with understanding at such a tender age of thirteen.  David is indeed musically gifted with perfect pitch and has a great sense of composition.

Have you ever heard a song where it sounded like the performer was singing to you and you alone?  David’s voice is clear and urgent and this song is intimate and powerful. His performance is so natural and beautiful; you can really feel this song.  David is pure at heart and he has an indomitable spirit that will never die.

I listened to it and was blown away by the beauty he creates singing but my greatest moment was when I hit the repeat button, and listen to it all over again.  Perhaps one day we will hear David perform this song again and experience the musical progression from thirteen to twenty three.

David Archuleta’s music has always brought people together and allowed us to express our emotions and thoughts.  His heart and spirit found their way into our music soul. He is one of those rare musicians who understand the main essence of music; those meaningful lyrics that play an important role in choosing a song that expose the heart.

A “strange enchanted boy who wandered very far” only to learn that “the greatest thing……was just to love and be loved in return”, I wonder…..…did we just come full circle? 

As David Archuleta will be returning from his mission we are ending our Retrospective Series this month and truly hope you enjoyed our looking back over the last six years. Thank you for joining us and supporting a beautiful and talented artist.
(A Personal Note)
A heart to heart bonding is what makes friendship so exclusive setting it apart from all other relationships.

 I wish to take this opportunity to thank Rosanne Simunovic for her invaluable support, passion, collaboration and friendship.  I was truly honored and blessed working with her on David’s Retrospective Series.  She welcomed the idea with a warm spirit and I have learned a great deal from her she has been a reliable source for intellectual and creative stimulations.  She is a great admirer of everything beautiful and simple, especially her love for music and a passionate advocate for the artists that perform.
 “Love is Music the heart sings best”

I very much enjoyed our collaboration!  Thank you…. Rosanne…. you’re forever in my heart!


Rosanne Simunovic Recollections

Ah, yes - Nature Boy.  Could any song be more perfect, more beautiful, more intuitive, more everything for David's voice and demeanor? 

And, given the lyrics, it is the perfect song to be featured as the final chapter in the David Archuleta Retrospective journey:

"There was a boy
They say he wandered very far, very far,
Over land and sea.
A little SHY
And SAD of eye,
But very wise, VERY WISE was he...

Until one day,
ONE LUCKY day he passed my way,
And while we talked of many things
Fools and kings,
This he said to me:
"The greatest thing
YOU'LL ever learn
Is just to love
And be loved
In return."

Such beautiful, heartfelt words sung by such a beautiful and heartfelt young artist.  The expressive quality in his voice and the manner in which he captures and then communicates the lyrics are pure magic.  The honesty that he delivers to this - and to all of his performances - is the stuff of magic and passion and love.

For two years, David has removed himself from the public eye in order to follow his calling as a Mormon Missionary. Although away from many of his fans, they were right there by his side in spirit, cheering him along the way.

Performances such as the one you are now hearing in "Nature Boy" are what sets David apart from the rest of the pack. He always chooses songs that hold deep meaning for him, that move his mind and soul.  Although he is a very sophisticated and refined artist, he never allows the technicalities behind his performance to inhibit his authentic expressive vocal quality and demeanor.  He is a vocal narrator - every song is a soliloquy. His thoughts and his dreams are easily shared with us through his music and that is the ultimate gift an artist can give to his listeners. 

David personifies all the qualities of a "Nature Boy" - he embraces the world around him with love and goodwill, spreading his wings to explore all that life has to offer.

I feel so privileged to have been part of this remarkable journey with co-author, Pamela Pike, and you - the fans.

On A Personal Note

I would like to wholeheartedly thank Pamela Pike for inviting me to co-author this series for all of you.  I feel privileged and honoured to partake in this project - it has been a real blessing in my life for many reasons.

First of all, I have come to know Pamela as a friend and colleague and have benefited as a writer by watching her disciplined and cohesive writing skills.  No one is more  dedicated to her craft than Pamela and, when time was flying by, she would always gently nudge me to "get moving".  Ha!  She is truly the best of the best!

Second of all, I have strengthened my relationship with David's music.  Pamela was the mega researcher and she found gems performed by David that I did not know existed.

Third, I loved interacting with the fabulous David Archuleta fans. You people are the best - you put a smile on my face and a song in my heart with every comment and tweet. Thank you so much.

Fourth, I was able to celebrate David's music on a monthly basis, for his voice and his presence is always justifiable cause for celebration.  What a terrific way to begin the first Friday of every month!

So thank you Pamela Pike for this wonderful opportunity and, David, thank you for the gift of YOU, Nature Boy! 

"Whenever there is harmony, there is life.”
― Muhammad E. Osman

“In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
— John Muir

Rosanne Simunovic
Grandmother to the best four grandchildren in the Universe because they are mine and I said so! Ha!


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  1. Hi Pam! The first time I heard David's rendition of Nature Boy I thought this is what it must sound like in heaven. I listen to it routinely.

    Thanks for the series! It sure helped through these long two years. Hope to see you soon :)