Monday, April 30, 2012

David Archuleta - He's Incandescent

The dictionary has some great definitions of incandescent, and the ones that personally suit this picture of David Archuleta recording “Rainbow” are,

l. The emission of visible light by a hot object.  2. The phenomenon of light emission by a hot object. 3.  A high degree of emotion, intensity, or brilliance.

David seems to glow in this picture and looks genuinely humbled by the moment.  It immediately reminded me of the divine strength within him.

He takes the art of singing beyond the voice itself.  Singing doesn’t come any smoother than when he gently pours out a romantic ballad like” Rainbow”, articulating every syllable while seamlessly spinning phrases into musical paragraphs.

He believes in what he is singing.  Each tone resonates with a part of his body and each note can melt a heart of stone.  He has elegant simplicity and passion in every dimension.

He is filled with the spirit of the music.  David is a true musician and a true vocalist; his lyrics go through his mind and heart.  He knows exactly how he wants a song to sound.  No matter how focused he is on his singing, he is also aware of everything around him and every instrument.

David Archuleta is a clean cut crooner a tempest of sentimentality with passion and fire.  He takes us on a journey into his heart and shows us some hidden treasures.
God has used music to speak to him in so many different circumstances of his life.  God has never stopped walking with him, whispering in his ear words and songs of love.

Off the stage and out of the spotlight David is even more amazing singing for the Lord.  He has a depth to him rarely found in someone so young, and he isn’t afraid to open himself up for the entire world to see.  The heart of David Archuleta is colorful, vibrant and unrestrained.  His heart is as beautiful as his voice and that is something extraordinary and rare. 

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