Friday, April 13, 2012

David Archuleta - Music and Soul

It has often been said that music is the food of soul. Music is used to express feelings when words fail. Love music to love life and you not only change your mood while listening to good music but you can also change the world with meaningful songs.

David Archuleta encompasses all that's beautiful about music, he is music. On or off stage David is humble, earthy and good natured, someone who is genuinely embarrassed by the adulation of strangers and seems most comfortable within his circle of family and friends. His talent is big but his heart is bigger.

People say that David is kind, and generous, and that's true. But you know, he's one of the funniest people I've ever met. He is just so cool. Music motivates David, ignites his imagination and affects him emotionally. It is part of his identity, the creative and artistic side that he feels when he gets that tingling sensation.

Music is judged on the basis of a person's own experiences and everyday practiced knowledge and linked with a person's interaction with the world around them. At 19, David Archuleta is in the process of writing songs expressing his inner feelings and personality for his sophomore album.

He has found his calling, his passion, and he keeps singing because God gave him a desire to do so, and he keeps bringing joy to those fortunate enough to hear him. Many people feel he appeals only to the teen crowd but that is a misconception. His fans range from the wee teens to mothers, fathers and grandparents who admire his velvet voice, a voice that can take your soul on journey in song.

David Archuleta is a rare talent that can transcend his musical passion to his audience and through his songwriting will give us more of the inner artist's personality and how his life's experiences has influenced his journey.


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