Wednesday, April 18, 2012

David Archuleta - Reflections of an Artist - Series Two

Often we forget how life can change so quickly.......enjoy what we have today as tomorrow sometimes moves faster than our heart!
Change Begins Within - Posted July 28, 2010
by Pamela Pike on Yahoo
We Can't Get Enough
Are we spoiled? David Archuleta often Twitters several times a day, Vlogs when we need the visual connection and Blogs when he feels we should be in the know, even Bubble Tweets from co-writers have kept us updated on his schedule. Oh! Let's not forget those mobile voice messages that we fantasize are coming only to us and not for the thousands they are intended. He asks our opinion on weather he should get his hair cut or grow it long. Mom was right about growing it long!

Recently less activity of all the above have been noticed by many fans. Maybe, we have reached that moment in time when David is just too busy to constantly update his fans every few hours. Hungry for information we imagine all sorts of reasons for the limited updates. We have been spoiled!
David Archuleta loves his fans and will always be grateful for our support and keep us informed of his activities, but there will be a time when less informal communications may occur.

The more he becomes involved with his writing, the business production of his career, the frequent traveling and daily meetings and interviews we may experience less of his personal time. Changes! They are in the making!

Already there is a noticeable change in David and much of that is the confidence he has acquired with experience and the natural process of growing up and maturing. His interviews express more of his thoughts and feelings he once felt was uncomfortable to discuss. He now takes control and makes his wishes and opinions known. He doesn't want to be taken advantage of as he stated it not only affects him but also his family and many of the people around him.

The other day someone mentioned that when a part of his belt was showing from under a T-shirt somehow that was considered edgy. Perhaps it was, and is, but for me it's a sign David is expressing a new attitude to accommodate his new songs, clothing and hair. Hair is not just a style, a cut, a's an attitude! Your hair is a direct reflection of your attitude and feelings

For some his shoes in a new photo shoot stirred our interest and managed to raise eyebrows! Is there a new David emerging? Definitely, but also an opinion from a stylist to enhance his look for his new single and to prepare us for a more edgy look for his album cover is possible. Edgy, what exactly does that mean?
Does he want to push his emotions over that edge into something better? Most often, small changes offer the most rewarding feelings.

We have decided to join David on his journey to discover himself and experience life. It will be a rollercoaster ride so we need to be patient, understanding and keep our seatbelt on as it will be a loving and bumpy ride. But one well worth our time! As I stated once before David is worth waiting for!

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