Saturday, April 17, 2010

David Archuleta - Art Over Fame!

Singer songwriters came into popularity in the early 1970’s and they are still sharing their stories with us today.

A singer-songwriter is a musician who writes, composes and sings their own material including lyrics and melodies. They often provide the sole accompaniment to an entire composition or song, typically using an acoustic guitar or piano. Their lyrics are often personal. The song is more important than the performance. The sound can be sparse, direct and reflective, again placing the emphasis on the song itself.

David Archuleta is a singer-songwriter, his music is art and he is in love with his art, not just with the fame it might bring. Singing and interpreting song is art and he does it very well.

Great singers and entertainers from Elvis Presley defined popular music, of course, but so too have the great singer-songwriters, from Lennon/McCartney and Bob Dylan and thousands of others,they are the mindset as well as the sound of successive generations.

Using the word "star" is what most singers think of as their dream career. The singers today all want to be a star, a pop star or, as some of them say, "an international superstar”.

Singers today lack the emotions that transends the meaning of song lyrics that connect to their audience during a performance. David is working hard to to make sure his songs on his new album show his personality, his interpretation that defines him as an artist not just a star.

Good music speaks to people, and it can change lives and do good things. David Archuleta’s music touches people, it speaks to our hearts and makes us happy and wants us to be better.

Isn’t that what great music should do?

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