Thursday, April 8, 2010

David Archuleta - 'Imagine' - My Adrenalin Rush

David on American Idol

Now that the adrenalin rush has left me I now can concentrate on my impression of David Archuleta’s Wednesday night Idol performance.

The lights dimmed, his name is announced and you see him sitting at a piano and a blue haze of lights caress him on the stage and he begins to sing. The cameras move towards his hands, his face and his new haircut. Now I am really distracted as we see loafers with no socks, white pants a fitted shirt with tie and boy has those P90 exercises paid off! Hot! Hot! Oh, and his singing by the way was fabulous.

A more mature David Archuleta performed last night reawakening those who may have doubts about his ability to sing a song. Sandwiched between Jason Derulo (never heard of him) and Rihanna spotlighted the real talent last night, David Archuleta. The gyrations, lights flashing, dancers and mediocre singing by others fizzled and burned as David’s performance stood out as the best of the evening.

He showed American Idol how it should be done! As Michael Orland, AI musical directed said a long time ago, “David Archuleta came to AI a musical genius and left as one”. That genius reappeared last night with a brilliant version of ‘Imagine’ and reaffirmed his popularity. Never under estimate David, he may still be a little shy but his bold talent outweighs his shy and humble nature.

Real talent comes from within and David Archuleta has always been about emotion and true organic music with a message. Bravo!

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  1. Take a very close look at the white pants he is wearing while sitting at the piano.
    some one got a great screen capture and if you look closely at his right let just above the knee, there are faint but definate signs that some fans would recognize. If your curious email me at