Tuesday, April 20, 2010

David Archuleta - What Can We Expect On Second Album!

I always raise my expectations more than I should for an artist’s next album when their last was really good.

I often want artists to just put out a second album that is the same as the first, like just an extra 10 or 12 songs that could have easily been on the first album. It is hard to get that same feeling for a second album that you have for a debut, but David Archuleta will not disappoint his fans.

Maybe it is just because it is so exciting and new at first. It is so much fun getting excited about a new album. You also have great expectation for that second album. It just becomes impossible for the artist to deliver with that second album. It is just better for an artist to try to do something different for the second and third album. Still, creating an album that has the elements that made you fall in love with the first one is important in a way, while simultaneously creating new sounds and styles that give you the same kind of excitement you had for the first album.

It is not an easy task to pull off, and more often than not, most second albums fail to pull it off, so it makes it even more fantastic when it happens.

Once you start imagining the songs you can’t stop thinking what will they be about? Will some just have catchy tunes, great chorus, mid-tempo or how about that song about love that you need a Kleenex for? David has stated this album will reflect his personality, perhaps a song about a hopeful future and one that makes you want to dance. That toe tapping one, like his Zero Gravity, or a song about making you a better person.

Ok, so this is my imagination on the loose, but David Archuleta fans have been waiting for new music, new material and soon it will arrive. David will easily answer the expectations with vocal brilliance and a strong collection of contemporary songs.

Whether you hear him from a studio recording or live performance he’ll blow us away and again capture his place in the sun

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