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David Archuleta - 'Imagine' Spectacular Performance on American Idol

After David Archuleta's performance on American Idol last night there is really not much I can say that these articles haven't already stated.  David was magnificant!  Enjoy this special performance video!

Vocal prodigy, David Archuleta, made another triumphant return to the American Idol stage during Season 9’s Top 9 Results Show on April 7th.

Seated quietly at the piano, he performed another inspiring version of John Lennon’s “Imagine”, once again reminding all of us that he is a force to be reckoned with. The sophistication and poise he brings to this performance is pretty amazing. How he is able to pack so much into one song and yet make it sound flawless and effortless is beyond me. He is truly a rare and precious gem in the musical world.
And yet, not only is this genuine young man supremely talented, but also he is a kind and gentle human being who is extremely humbled and thankful for the prodigious musical gift bestowed on him at birth.

He is so approachable and so gracious to everyone – is it any wonder that he is collecting more and more fans with each passing day?
David Archuleta was on the stage tonight and pleasing the crowds for the Results Show portion of American Idol tonight. Fans from around the world have been waiting to hear this heartthrob once again on the stage and he had his moment. A popular Idol and runner up from season 7, he didn't disappoint his fans when he hit the stage. Absolutely inspiring it was a great night for Idol music with his sitting in front of the piano and belting the words out.

The song Archulata sang for the crowd for tonight was the Beatles hit "Imagine". A moving performance, it was nothing less than a perfect.

The Results Show of American Idol was promised to be a shocker when Ryan Seacrest started at the top of the hour. In severe stress mode, the contestants got to hear some great music while waiting for their fate to be decided.

9:30 p.m. We still don't have a single member of the Bottom Three, but what we do have is the triumphant return of Presumptive American Idol Winner David Archuleta, or specifically his version of "Imagine."

9:32 p.m. With the possible exception of David Archuleta fans, everybody loves to make fun of David Archuleta, but the talent gap between Little Archie and a teen pretender like Aaron Kelly is massive. There's little doubt that Little Archie would be the toast of this season's "Idol" men as well.

9:34 p.m. David is doing writing and recording on his next album, which should be released "soon."

We still haven't announced the bottom three -- and we're still not going to. Instead, we'll hear David Archuleta sing Imagine, including the first verse that he decided to forego during his competition performance. I don't know that I've heard him sing this song since that year, and I'm impressed with just how much his voice has matured. It's much fuller, much richer, and much more facile.

Ryan and David talk about all the writing and recording he's doing. David says the new single and album should be coming soon, though he doesn't give anything resembling a date or even a general timetable.

Idol Chatter check out the title of the article from Brian Mansfield :)

Judging from the enthusiasm David Archuleta fans have expressed about his appearance on tonight’s show, he could autograph any type of memorabilia and the bids would pour in.

And now we hear from David Archuleta, singing “Imagine.” This should be special. On the piano no less.

Listen up, Aaron Kelly. This is what you’ve been aspiring to. Two years ago, this is the song that made David a favorite on American Idol. And he sure didn’t forget how to sing it, huh?

Pretty special, just like I predicted. David always displayed wonderful vocals on Idol. And he was always at his best performing sensitive songs like that one.

David says he’s always nervous in front of the judges, afraid of the critique to come. Really, David, you’d have nothing to worry about after a performance like that. Trust me, it would have ranked as one of the best in season nine.

And great news for David fans. A new single and a new album should be coming soon.

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