Tuesday, April 13, 2010

David Archuleta - New York! New York! Doing What?

The Big Apple gets David Archuleta this week…..doing what? Songwriting, shopping? Nooo! It might be finalizing events for his book release on June 1st. More scheduled signings would be nice, especially here in California, and what about all those TV morning talk shows we want to see him on!! I would love to see David sitting discussing his book and philosophizing on the overall values by which one lives.

David has become a very self assured person and has thought deeply about the meaning he wishes to covey in his music and his book. We all have a great gift coming in June, not just a book release but the realization of a sweet 16 year-old we admired fulfilling his destiny and becoming a man.

Mixed emotions are circulating within my heart. My instincts say let go and enjoy the natural progression of life’s circle of growth. Yet, my maternal side is sad that the young boy that grabbed my heart is gone and a mature young man has emerged with charm, confidence and determination. Make no mistake I love this phase of David as much as the first one, its just hard to let him go and grow up.

The other side to this story is that we will have new and exciting experiences with David as he shows us, the music and literary world the knowledge and wisdom that have always been a part of him and the faith that has kept him grounded.

Waiting is so hard to do!

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  1. Pam that is very tenderly put. hard to disagree with your sentiments on this one.
    just one thought. that self assured young man has still got that goofy word stumbling way about him. I have for one come to love that about him. I keeps him humble. but the wise Old Soul in him has just become more profound.
    and oh my heck how can a guy like him who was already devistatingly beautiful become even more so as he grows up. I don't know bud David has managed to not only push the edge of that envelope, but David keeps blowing my mind with his added upon stunning stop you in you tracks good looks.
    here is my comment to him "your killing me smalls"